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RisiStone’s Pisa2 is a solid, modular concrete retaining wall system offering superior design flexibility, a desirable quarried stone appearance and one of the highest weight-per-square-foot strengths in the industry.

Easy to install and low maintenance, Pisa2 units are manufactured in pairs, face-to-face, and the surface is achieved by factory splitting to provide the rough finish.

The system requires no mortar or mechanical fasteners; it uses a patented shear connection that makes the units self-aligning and self-battering.

Available Sizes:

Wedge Block: 6"H x 12"D x 8"W (60 Units per Cube)
Jumper Block: 6"H x 12"D x 12"W (48 Units per Cube)
Corner Block: 6"H x 8"D x 20"W (24 Units per Cube)
Pisa2 Cap: 3"H x 12"D x 8"W (128 Units per Cube)

Pisa2 Retaining Wall

Pisa2 is ideal for stabilizing and containing large or small earth embankments, or for any application requiring management of grade changes.

Areas we service:
Gainesville, FL, Ocala, FL, Lake City, FL, Cedar Key, FL, Alachua, FL, High Springs, FL, Starke, FL, Archer, FL, Williston, FL, Waldo, FL.

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